8 Myths About Cancer

As We, All Know Cancer is One of the Dangerous Disease. So there are also certain Myths Which are Explain For Better understanding About it. In this article, We have Discussed 8 Myth About Cancer.They are Mention Below.

1.Cancer is Un-curable

Few Years Ago Treatment of Cancer was Very Difficult.But as Passes Treatment of this Disease Possible.Also Thanks to latest Technology.Scientist are Working Hard to fight against this Dangerous Disease.So this is Myth.But the Cancer Stage isn’t Also Important.Early Treatment Can Make Huge Difference.

2.Cancer is Infectious Disease

This is Untrue.Cancer is not Infectious Disease.A Person With Cancer Can’t Spread to Other.

3.Does Smart Phone Causes Cancer

This is Untrue.Luckily there is no such case Found Till Now. As we Know That Such Devices Produces Radiation. But these Radiations are Non-ionizing.

Scientists have Proved That Ionizing Radiation Causes Cancer.But Luckly Smart Phone Produces Non-ionizing Radiation.And it doesn’t causes Cancer.

4.Cancer Means Death

This is The Biggest Myth.Cancer is definately Curable.But If Cancer is investigated Very Lately than it might make Problem.But Early Diaognisis is Curable.But Overall treatment is Very Costly.

5.Cancer is Repetative

This is Untrue. Cancer is not Repetitive. Although Overall Treatment is Very Complex. Day by day, Because of Latest Equipment It is Improvising.

6.Ayurvedic Medicines Cure Cancer

This Is Not True.Till now No one has Prove That Ayurvedic Medicines Cure Cancer.Cancer spreads Very Fast.Ayurvedic Medicine Works Very Slow.So Its not Effective.

7.Eating Sweets Causes Cancer

This is a Misconceptions.No Research has Discovered that Eating Sugar Increases Cancer Stages.Its Okay to Consume More Sugar.There is no restrictions About it.

8.Walking Outside getting Contact with Air Increasing Cancer Stages

No Studies have Proved that Outside Air Affect Cancer Level.Even Its better To Take a walk and get some fresh air. Patients Feel fresh.

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