8 Myths About Donating Blood

In this article, We will Discuss Certain Myths About Donating blood. Due to Covid-19, Other Diseases are Also Seen. Which are Very Rare But Very Dangerous. Some Patients Require Bloods. Due to Lack of Hemoglobin. Requirement of Blood Also Increases. People Wants to Donate Blood.But They are Afraid About Side Effects After Donate Blood. We will Discuss the Myths That are Wrong. So that Everyone can Donate Without any Confusing.

1.Time Period OF Blood Donation Only One Per Year

It is a Big Myths.There is No Particuler Time Period Of Blood Donation.After Taking Doctor’s Advice You Can Donate Blood More than One Time Per Year.

2.Donating Blood is Very Hurtfull

This is Biggest Myths.There is no Pain in Giving Blood.Even You Will not Feel anything While Donation.The Process of giving blood is About 10 min. Only.So Its Not Pain full

3.Blood Donation Taking Too Much Time

The Process of Donating Blood is Only About 10-11 Minutes.But Entire Process Will Take 45-50 Minutes.You have to Complete Registration First.Than you are eligible for Donation.So It won’t take More time.

4.Higher cholesterol Fellow isn’t Eligible For Donation

Till Now No One has Proved that If A Person has High Cholesterol He Can’t give Blood.There is no restriction About it.Having Higher Or Lower Cholesterol Won’t Make Any Changes.

5.If a Person is Having Higher Blood Pressure He isn’t Eligible For Donation

This is Also Not True.Such Things Doesn’t Affect For Donation.However Taking Advice From Doctor is mandatory.

6.If You are already Taking Medicines,You Can’t Donate

In Such Cases Taking Advice From Doctor is Better Option.In Most Cases You can Donate.But If You are taking medicines For Acne therapy Or Any Blood Related Disease Than You should not Donate.

7.Senior Citizens Can’t Donate Blood

There is no restrictions about it.Age Limit for Blood Donation is 18-66.But 70 Years Citizene Can Donate, If He/She is Healthy.

8.After Blood Donation You will Become Sick

This isn’t Completely true.You will Feel Weak.But After 48 Hours Everything Becomes Normal.Its Better to Stay home Around 1-2 Days.Taking Rest and Eating Healthy Food is Better for Certain Days.

We hope After Reading Our Article Your Mind Will be Clear About Blood Donation.You can Also Read Others Articles.

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