All About Lung Cancer

In this article,We will Discuss About Lung Cancer. How it Occurs in Our Body. What are the Reasons Of Having Lung Cancer, What are the types of Lung Cancer.Stages Of Lung Cancer

What Are the Reasons Of Having Lung Cancer

Still it isn’t Discovered The Reasons Of Having Lung Cancer.But Addiction Of Smoking,Air Pollution Can Cause Lung Cancer.

Symptioms Of Having Lung Cancer

There are Certain Symptioms OF Having Lung Cancer.Continous Cough Causes Cancer,Pain in Chest,Suddenly Decreasing Weight,Problem in Breathing Etc.

Basic Methods of Testing Lung Cancer

Physically Testing

In this testing,It Can be identify Cough,Chest Pain Other Symptioms As well.Past Addiction Of Smoking Can Be Revealed In testing.So that Doctor Can Understand the Actual Reason OF Cancer

Spiral CT Scan

In this Method,It Scan Complete Internal Body.Then It Converts Images in 3d.So that It can be find The Actual Disease.

Sputum Cytology Testing

This Method Also Finds Patients the Internal Problem.And Find Out Actual Disease.

Different Types Of Lung Cancer

Mostly There are two types Lung Cancer Seen In Human Body.First One is Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer.Second One Is Small Cell Lung Cancer.To Identify The Actual Types Of Cancer.Patient Have to Conduct Some Pathology Test.

Non-Small Cell

This Cancer Mostly Seen in Human Body.More Than 90% Cases are Seen as Non-Small Cell.It Spreads Slowly.If Disease Found in Early Stage.Than It Can Be Curable.

Small Cell

Small Cell Cancer is Very Dangerous.It Speards Very Fastly.It is Very Rare.Only 5% Cases are Seen as Small Cell.

Is it Curable Or Not

The Survival Rate is Very Poor in Lung Cancer.If Cancer Found in Early Stages than There is Chance Of Surgery.If Patient is Suffering From Non-small Cell than it can be Possible to Survive from this Disease.Survival Rate Of Non small Cell is 24%.Survival Rate Of small Cell is 6%.If It Found in Late Stage than It is Very Worse.


If It is Found in Early Stage than Operation Can be Beneficial.Surgian can Remove Lung Segment.But In Small Cell Cancer Operation will not make any changes.It is Not Curable as of Now.In Non-small Cell Posibility of Successful Surgery is More.

What After Fighting with Diagnosis

After Successful Treatment.Most Commonly it is seen that Patient is More Depressed And Sad.But Time by time His/Her Life Will be Normal.It is Also Very Important to Stop Smoking.Other Wise Changes Of Having Cancer is More.

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